ek-lounge: session #14

Session #14 was very delightful: with coffee, cake and cookies and of course cool music at Spaceport Offenbach.
This time we had more type of chillout style but also ambient and experimental sequences can be found. We also changed Creative Commons licence model of our music to BY-NC-SA.

Mp3: Consultant Of Darkness (7:50), Recalibration (9:14), Pleasant Delusion (8:54), Venture Some Harmony (11:27), Symmetry Of Chaos (8:59), Wonderful Island (8:08), Missing You (4:16), Sharday (6:08), Nightwish (9:10), Maharadsha (5:58), U R Not Alone (10:32). Team: abzan titan, bluescreen, bernie, dest4b, mira, reverb, schmoggie, timber. Instruments: Access Virus Indigo, Alembic Bass Guitar, Terratec Komplexer, Virsyn Tera, Roland SH-5, Maniquin Memotron, MFB-Synth Lite, H.G. Fortune STS-26, Didgeridoo, Nord Modular G2, Native Instruments FM8, Oberheim Matrix-1000, Korg microX, Korg Prophecy, E-MU Morpheus. Postproduction: dest4b, reverb

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kunst4life said...

hi die ek'ler,

die bilder schauen ja vielversprechend aus - mal schaun ob's für einen weiteren pokal reicht die der bernie ja anscheinend zur genüge schon hat.

also - lg aus tirol, Harry