ek-lounge session #17

After a long absence the EK-Lounge team met at the Lager location in Mainz once again. New (Blofeld) and old (DW-8000) synthesizers could be seen and heard during the session. As you can see on the photos also in this session the catering was ensured by bluescreen (coffee), mira (cookies) and reverb (cake). Thanks for that. Check our sequences of this session. Once again they are a little bit different in style ...

Photos: bluescreen, reverb.

Location: Lager, Mainz.

Team: abzan titan, bluescreen, dest4b, hadi, mira, moss, reverb, sheep, timber.

Instruments: Akai EWI 4000S, D.S.I. Evolver, reFX Vanguard, Korg DW-8000, Korg Electribe SX1, NI Absynth 2 und 4, NI KORE, NI Massive, NI Reaktor Session, Nord Modular G2, Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Waldorf Blofeld, Virsyn Tera, Yamaha TG33, Yamaha Querflöte, Kalimba.

Postproduction: bluescreen, dest4b, reverb


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